International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS

International Financial Reporting Standards are a set of standards created in London by the IASB that determine the information that must be presented in the financial statements and the form in which that information should appear. These are investor-oriented high quality accounting standards, whose purpose is to reflect the financial essence of the business operations, and present a true picture of the organization’s financial situation.

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The Office of the Statutory Auditor is an inspection body that, in the interest of the community, under the direction and responsibility of the statutory auditor, and subject to generally accepted auditing standards, is responsible for issuing financial statements and systematically reviewing and assessing the components and elements that comprise internal control, in a timely and independent manner in accordance with the terms indicated by the law, bylaws and professional opinions.

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Statutory Auditor - Audit.
Internal Audit.
International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS.
Compliance - Special Audits.
Audit and Information Certification - IFRS.

Tax Consulting

Local Tax Consulting.
Tax Planning.
Preparation of Magnetic Media Tax Information.
Transfer Prices.
Tax Management.

Investment project

Performance improvement.

Process Analysis and Risk Assessment

Implementation of international standards.
Process design and evaluation.
Assessment and implementation of business risk management systems.

Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence
Tax Due Diligence
Regulatory Due Diligence


Administrative Outsourcing.
Financial Outsourcing.
International Accounting Outsourcing (IFRS).
Internal Audit Outsourcing.
Outsourcing for Account Purging and Review for IFRS.


Internal Audit.
Statutory Audit.
Specialized Consulting.
Outsourcing Services.

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Valps Consulting

VALPS CONSULTING S.A.S. was created in November 2010 to meet the need of companies in the provision of tax audit and audit services, consulting and operational outsourcing processes.

We are a company dedicated to providing personalized services according to the needs of our clients, services inherent to the accounting discipline of tax auditing and auditing, providing our professional knowledge with extensive experience in the analysis of risks that may affect the operation of the business.

We are business consultants on reorganization issues, due diligence, process evaluation, risk management, tax issues and liquidation processes.

We also provide delegated administration services, administrative management outsourcing and the provision and supply of all types of business management services and ongoing advice.

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